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Press Release – CAD Design Software and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. launch flow for Chip-Lead Frame-Board Co-Design

New Silicon Realization convergence approach embodies EDA360 vision

May 03, 2011, Santa Clara, CA

CAD Design Software, Inc., a leader in integrating mechanical and electrical design tools, today announced the release of their solution for Lead Frame package design utilizing unique technology convergence between CAD Design’s Electronics Packaging Designer (EPD) and the Cadence Design Systems Allegro IC Package design and analysis environment. The collaborative solution enables a Silicon Realization flow for ICs that reside in Lead Frame packages.

View the Product EPD2APD Interface

Semiconductor companies have been challenged to take advantage of new low cost Lead Frame technology that supports IC’s with much higher IO counts. Lead Frame designs with IO counts now in the hundreds require Silicon Realization tools that enable chip-package-board co-design, complex wirebonding with 3D design rule checks, and characterization and modeling tools. CAD Design Software integrates mechanical design packages, where a typical Lead Frame package is initially designed, with the Cadence Allegro IC Packaging tools where constraint-driven organic and ceramic substrate packages have typically been designed.

Freescale Semiconductor is an early adopter of the converged solution and helped refine the flow. Neil Tracht, Freescale Design Manager, says, “The collaboration between CAD Design Software and Cadence has greatly reduced the difficulty in designing complex Lead Frame packages. This integration has significantly reduced our design cycle time.”

Mario Rocha , CAD Design Software’s Sr. Product Manager says, “CDS has worked closely with Freescale and Cadence to architect a converged solution that enhances the value of the individual tools, reduces time to market, and enhances design reliability, through the entire design flow, from intent through abstraction to convergence.”

Brad Griffin, Product Management Director for the Cadence Allegro IC Packaging solutions, says, “More efficient Silicon Realization is now enabled for chips targeted for low-cost packages through this collaboration with CAD Design Software. Lead Frame packages can now be realized more efficiently using the convergence chip-package-board co-design capabilities that include sophisticated 3D visualization and wirebond rule checking.”

For more information on the flow contact CAD Design Software at 877-CAD-USER

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