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As a major technology developer in the EDA industry, our easily customizable software gives our users success in advanced designs, emerging markets, and developing technologies. All products are developed by experienced Design Engineers, who are familiar with the emerging technology needs of the EDA industry.


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Master Designer Suites:
Master PCB Designer Suite (MPD)
Master Ceramic / MCM Designer Suite (MCMD)
Master RF Designer Suite (MRFD)
Master Lead Frame Designer Suite (MLFD)

Designer Suites:
Value PCB Designer Suite (VPCB)
PCB Designer Suite (PCBD)
Ceramic / MCM Designer Suite (CMD)
RF Designer Suite (RFD)
Lead Frame Designer Suite (LFDS)
BGA Designer Suite (BGAD)
Flex Designer Suite (FLXD)

Design Output / Conversion Products:
GDS II Complete In/Out (GDSC)
GerbARX Complete In/Out (GRBC)
Gerb2CAD Gerber In (G2C)
IDF Conversion 2-way (IDFCONV)
SAT / ACIS Conversion 2-way (SATCONV)
ODB++ Conversion (ODB)

Advanced CAM Software Utilities:
Panelization (PAN)
CAM-Links (CAML)

Design Technology Modules:
Auto Schematic Capture (ASC)
PCB Design (PCB)
Ceramic / MCM / Thick & Thin Film Design (CERM)
RF / Microwave / Digital / Analog Design (RF)

Lead Frame (LFD)
Flex Design (FLX)

Flipchip / Die Bump Design (DBD) 



Third Party Interfaces:
Simulation Links (SL):
Simlink ADS Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS)
Simlink HFSS Ansys HFSS Software (EPD2HFSS)
Simlink Q3D Ansys Q3D Software (EPD2Q3D)
Simlink SIW Ansys SiWave Software (EPD2SIW)
Simlink MWO AWR Corp. (MWO)
Simlink MWS Computer Simulation Technology (MWS)
Simlink SONNET Sonnet Software (SNT)
3rd Party Autorouting Links:
EPD to Cadence® Allegro PCB Router™  (EPD2RTR)
3rd Party EDA Links:
Mentor® Board Station™ to EPD  (BS2EPD)
EPD to Mentor® PADS™  (EPD2PADS)
Mentor® PADS™  to EPD   (PADS2EPD)
EPD to Cadence® Allegro™  (EPD2SKL)
Cadence® Allegro™ APD to EPD (DSN2EPD)

Design Feature Utility Modules:
3D Designer (3D)
Advanced Design Rule Checker (ADRC)
Advanced Multi Chip Module (AMCM)
Advanced Routing (ADR)
Automatic Documentation (ADOC)
Packaging Documentation (DOC)
Design Rule Checker Pro (DRCP)
Edge Solid Designer (ESD)
Package on Package (MPCB)
High Speed (HSP)
Impedance Calculator (IMP)
Interactive Autorouting (IRT)
BGA Rebuild / Design Reuse (BGAR)
Phased Array Antenna (RF Designer+)  (PAA)
Lead Frame Library Search (LFLS)
Material Content Data Sheet (MCDS)
*Micro BGA® Module (µBGA®)

EPD Design Environments:
EPD plug-in for AutoCAD® (EPDACAD)

Overview of the Base EPD Engine (EPD)

Custom Development:
Custom Software Development (CUST)



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