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Master Ceramic MCM Designer Suite

Master MCM Designer Suite

The most advanced MCM design software with the ability to do any number of die stacks, individual dies on one or both sides of the substrate including unlimited Embedded passives and unlimited cavity structures.

This suite supports the design and manufacturing of all types of Micro-electronic MCMs on all types of Organic and Ceramic substrates (Laminate, LTCC, HTCC, Thick Film Ceramic, Thin Film Ceramic and new undefined technologies).

It also includes an interactive auto-router that contains a powerful push program that maintains complex clearance rules from a configurable grid including multiple differential pair gaps.  

New concepts developed for all types of Ceramic Hybrids including Thick Film, Thin Film, LTCC and HTCC. Designs can go quickly from concept to manufactured product, which will fuel more progress to bring a largely manual process to maximum automation, to include automatic masks, panels and generation of 3D analysis models.

Maximum automation results in expanded use of technologies that are now shrinking. Technologies that have complex and difficult to understand design and manufacturing steps have a hard time gaining wide acceptance.

  • Die to Die Bonding

  • Die to Capacitor Bonding

  • Die to Substrate Bonding

  • Links to HFSS & CST Analysis

  • Supports All Design Types

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Key Features Include:

  • Design any type of Ceramic MCM
    • All types of Ceramic Packages supported; LTCC, HTCC, Thick Film, Thin Film and new technologies
    • Circuits and components may be equally built up on both sides of a thick or thin film hybrid or LTCC
    • Any number of layers possible on either side of substrate.
  • Layout vs. Schematic (LVS) Verification and Design Rule Checking (DRC)
    • Read in netlist from any source and compare to the layout
    • Do Layout design without a netlist and compare to netlist later or capture the netlist from the design
    • Net names on the dies may be exported into the captured netlist.
    • Advanced DRC with unlimited checking capabilities is configurable and handles special LTCC rules
    • Manufacturing rules checks.
  • Component Creation
    • Advanced Die Capture is possible from many sources and captures the signal names on the die.
    • A dedicated hybrid library which allows a user to save die geometries as bare die or as part of
      intelligent bond wire fan outs.
      • MS Excel® Data – configurable import from custom formats
      • AutoCAD® DWG or DXF Data
      • GDS (GDSII) Data
      • DIE file
      • Digital Photographs
      • Scanned Images
      • Parametric in a dialog
    • Net list and 3D DRC intelligence in bond wires.
    • Bond Wire generation includes full parameter based bond wire fanouts with many templates.
  • Fully flexible bond finger pad editing.
  • Support for Flip Chip die mounting.
  • Parametric libraries for:
    • Automatic Parametric Component creation with IPC compatible Libraries
    • Through hole components
    • Surface mount components
    • With easy library maintenance
    • Embedded Passives: Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors created with user friendly GUI
    • Thick film (Rectangular, Top Hat, Right Angle) and serpentine resistor parametric creation and editing
      calculates laser trimming resistance range and wattage capacity.
  • Visual (graphic) libraries for:
    • Any uniquely created part
    • Easy library maintenance
  • Custom Components
    • Parts are placed after an automatic search of all libraries for footprints in the net list
    • A dedicated suite of utilities allows construction of custom components with any imaginable geometry
      on any layer.
  • Component Placement
    • The DynaRat command moves parts with precision while optimizing the rats dynamically.
  • RF / Microwave Capabilities
    • Complex Ground and Power Planes with unlimited splits and automatic Coplanar Vias and optional
      cross hatches with pin hole filling.
    • Via peppering automatically placed with pattern control and DRC for violating via removal.
    • Differential Pair routing and various types of Length Tuning
    • Links to RF Analysis, Agilent – ADS (full duplex), Ansoft -HFSS, Sonnet,
      AWR Copr.- MWO, CST - MWS
  • Advanced LTCC Geometries
    • Advanced Stair Step Via creation with user friendly GUI that views the via as it is being configured
    • Custom Entities can be defined for special materials
    • Multilevel Cavity creation with user friendly GUI that shows all views.
  • CAM Capabilities (with purchase of add-on CAM Tools)
    • Automatic CAM Configuration includes:
      • Rotation about any point
      • Equal or Unequal X,Y Scaling
      • Mirroring on any axis, X or Y
      • Punch (drill) Output
      • Four types of Punch Optimizations
      • Panelization
      • Many other configurable features
    • Nibbler Data Auto generation and Machine Compatible Output
    • Output for epoxy dispense, component placement and wire bonding machines

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