RF / Microwave Technology (RF)

The RF Technology is set of unique software tools for the graphical and electrical requirements of RF / Microwave circuits to dramatically reduce layout time. The RF environment features a comprehensive library of parametrically controlled RF elements and provides the electrical intelligence to all custom element and components. The RF Technology is included in the Master RF, Master PCB, and Master Ceramic Suites.


Key Features Include:

  • Parametric creation of embedded elements - Dividers, couplers, spiral inductors, radial stubs, etc.
  • Support for embedded components and circuits inside blocks (cells).

  • Concurrent Routing/Parasitic Extraction (RLC) while routing will display calculations for: Resistance (R), Inductance (L), Capacitance (C)

  • Any angle, online-DRC, shape-based manual, interactive, and automatic routing.

  • Advanced Route Module is included in the Master RF and Master PCB Suites.

  • RF Vias are parametrically created with additional shielding vias around the signal via.

  • Length tuning and match tuning of nets using parametric tuning functions.

  • Support for true RF miters and fillets with true arcs.

  • Creates coplanar ground shields with coplanar vias automatically.

  • Automatic placement of plane ties on SMT components, on all levels and nets with automatic tie segment / via reduction or deletion based on DRC results.

  • Boundary planes with progressively filleted corners and variable individual gap control on any entity.

  • Split plane edges are automatically generated from simple to draw dividers.

  • Powerful region modelers for solid, cross-hatched, negative image, co-planar, and boundary based planes.

  • Via peppering creates via arrays connecting same plane nets on multiple levels and automatically removes vias that would cause DRC errors.

  • Automatic generation of assembly and fabrication drawings.

 3D Capabilities available on RF Technology *


  • 3D visualization of design created as true 3D model for accurate data output to mechanical and analysis systems.

  • Subtract Vias and Holes from Substrate, Pads and Traces.

  • Create Cylindrical Holes and specify Hole Wall Thickness.

  • Industry standard outputs (ACIS, IGES, STEP)

  • *Read more about 3D Technology that is included in the Master RF and Master PCB Suites.