CAD Design Software - Testimonials

Major U.S. LTCC Foundry reports major success using CDS' Ceramic / LTCC / MCM Tools - The special LTCC design and Gerber package that CDS has designed for LTCC has essentially allowed us to reduce our tooling generation time for complex ceramic designs from 40-80 hrs to 2-8 hrs.  This is a significant savings in cost, production flow and quality of our LTCC products.   

Canada customer of Ceramic / LTCC / MCM - I have found this to be a very good tool indeed, and I am very impressed by the features and stability. Clearly it has been designed with RF/hybrid and package design in mind, which is a huge improvement on attempting to do these designs in a PCB tool. 

Japan customer of IC Packaging and High Density Substrates - One of our main targets is speeding up HDS (High-Density Substrate) designs. Our tests show that your system was the most powerful. You can beat most CAD or CAM systems in speed. I highly appreciate your great efforts to cause these excellent results.

California customer, Ceramic / LTCC / MCM and RF - We got our boards back from fabrication this morning and they look absolutely beautiful! Smooth arcs, nice transitions, beautiful silkscreen... couldn't have done it without your incredible tech support. Thank you.

California customer of Packaging - CDS rates extremely high with me. In the 30 years of my experience in design and dealing with CAD support, I have never encountered anyone as good and helpful.

Massachusetts customer of Ceramic / LTCC / MCM and IC Packaging - It is an apparently superior design tool.

California customer of Advanced MCM and Flip Chip Packaging - I am extremely happy with the software. It has been a pleasure working with CDS. The support that I got was outstanding. You have one very happy customer.