Altium Designer® to EPD (ATL2EPD)

Imports Altium Designer® design and parts into the EPD design environment.

  • This will require a *.PCBDOC file that has been exported from Altium Designer®

Quick Overview

  • pick Export>Altium.
  • Save the *.PCBDOC file to a location.
  • Next the file may be imported to EPD.
  • Import *.PCBDOC file into EPD
  • Start the Altium2EPD command and a File Finder browser window will appear.
  • Locate the *.pcbdoc file to convert and press Open.
  • The process could run for several moments depending on the file size to convert.
    Once Complete, the drawing data will be in the EPD design environment and ready to be used and saved to libraries, etc.

Features include:

  • Ideal for continued design modifications in the EPD platform
  • Save new and exisitng parts to libraries and use in EPD designs.