EPD to Cadence® APD/SIP Interface (EPD2SKL)

The EPD2SKL 3rd party link is an add-on module that exports an intelligent design created in EPD by using the design process from one of our Designer Suites. After the layout has been created from scratch or re-intelligized from DXF/DWG files, the design layout will include embedded attributes such as Material and Net information.

The EPD environment was created by experienced designers for today’s time pressed designers and complements the APD tool set. The benefit to our customers is an advanced tool set that forms a complete solution. Now, use the best functions of both EPD and APD together for a best-in-class tool set.

Key Features Include:

  • Layouts completed in CDS's Electronics Packaging Designer (EPD) tools can now be exported for reading into the industry-standard Cadence® APD environment.
  • Intelligization of unintelligent AutoCAD DWG and DXF designs and bring them into the Cadence design environment in a format that that can be immediately utilized without additional prep work.
  • Advanced true 3D modeling of Lead Frames in EPD with 2.5 D (two and half dimension) representation inside APD/ SiP.


Convert Lead Frame Packages

Import a DWG/DXF of a lead frame package. These drawings will be raw data and vector lines that will need to be prepared for adding intelligence. Using the procedures and semi-automatic commands CDS has developed, lines will become Joined-Closed Polylines. Each entity type (traces, pins numbers, pads, power bars, etc) will be separated into individual layers. This will allow the software to process each entity type and then add embedded attribute information and finally block the design. The EPD Design environment has tools to set design Units and Material Stackup Information. This information will be used to create the 3D Model in the APD or SiP Environment. Stack Up Settings Include:

  • Set Material type for each layer/level in the stack up (i.e. Bond wire, Mask, Top, Dielectric, Bottom side.)
  • Use Standard provided Material types or create your own using our Material Editor. Save the Material information to an XML file to be used again or share with other users.
  • Set the Thickness for the height on each level.
  • Set Positive and Negative material thickness tolerances.
  • Dielectric constant of the material.
  • Resistivity of the assigned material.
  • Permeability of the assigned material.
  • Loss Tangent of the assigned material.
  • Thermal conductivity of the assigned material.

Clean up old Lead Frame drawings using Clean Up and Auto-Joining functions. This involves using EPD commands to remove overlapping portions of lines and auto joining lines that have miniscule breaks.

Finished design has embedded attribute now ready for Die and Wire placement.
Create Dies and Wire Bonds to be placed with Intelligent Lead Frame to create Signal Nets material information, and pre-determined lengths

Wire bonding may be initialized from a fixed netlist or imported from another EDA system or automatically created by optimizing the connections to keep them short.


The Design can now be captured for net connections and the captured Netlist can be saved. If a reference netlist is available, the design can also be compared with the reference netlist.

Add / Create Bond or Tack points before export. Add up to 3 Points with Accurate control including Offset; Distance to Tips, assign for DAP, Ground Rings and Power Bars.

Check Design Rule Clearances (ADRC) using Library of over 150+ custom rules and infinitely configurable standard rules which can be enhanced by adding your custom requirements for Complex Geometric Relationship Design Rule Checking.

Export the final design that has been made intelligent, assigned Material Stackup information for 3D model, Captured Netlist, Tack points, DRC verified into a SKL file format. Some options include; Select APD or SiP Version output format, set up custom layer mappings.


The Stackup and Material information set in the EPD drawing will allow viewing of the 3D information using the 3D Viewer in Cadence.