3rd Party Links

CAD Design Software's Third Party Interfaces are available to export a design created in EPD or an intelligized DXF/DWG design that was made with EPD tools to be exported. These links have been developed and tested in cooperation with leading design and packaging companies to be current and adapted to emerging technologies.


EDA Links to Mentor Graphics®
Mentor® Board Station™ to EPD (BS2EPD)
EPD to Mentor® PADS™ (EPD2PADS)
Mentor® PADS™ to EPD (PADS2EPD)

EDA Links to Cadence®
EPD to Cadence® APD/SIP™ (EPD2SKL)
Cadence® APD/SIP to EPD (DSN2EPD)
EPD to Cadence® Allegro PCB Router™ (EPD2RTR)

EDA Link to Altium Designer®
Altium Desinger ® (ATL2EPD)