IC Packaging Design Technology (BGA)

The IC Packaging Technology supports all types of BGA designs including Wire Bonded, Flip Chip, Flex, and TAB Bonded on any type of substrate: Organic, Ceramic (LTCC) and Flex with any technology configuration. Cavity type designs are supported with cavity up or down, with any numbers of shelves with optional vertical metal on the shelf edges.

Key Features:

  • Supports all BGA types:

    • PBGA, FBGA, FlexBGA, EBGA, ChipScale, Stacked Die, etc.

    • Full ACIS-based 3D modeler for visualization and 3D clearance checks.

  • Parts:

    • Intelligent die creation utilities based on X,Y information (ASCII),Graphics (DWG/DXF), or user parameters.

    • Automatic Bondpad Layout generator with 17+ pattern templates

    • Embedded elements and parts, usable on any layer.

    • Intelligent element manipulation.

    • Passes Layout-Versus-Schematic checks AND DRC checks.

    • Manufacturing/Assembly Verification:

    • Only built-in mechanical analysis software available in an EDA software.

    • Full capillary modeling/simulation analysis for wirebond optimizations.

    • Automatic BGAstrip generation with full tooling creation and analysis.

  • Netlists:

    • Intelligent logic analysis of chip-level, package-level, and board-level connections.

    • Automatic netlist generation/modification utilities for netlist free-design.

  • Routing:

    • Any angle, online-DRC, shape-based manual, interactive, and automatic routing.

    • Automatic high speed configurations for differential pairs, trace widths.

    • Automatic signal integrity readouts while routing.

    • Powerful utilities for routing with polygon boundaries and true arcs.

    • Automatic any-angle prerouting for detailed bonding areas.

    • Automatic dogbone via array setups

  • Ground Planes:

    • Powerful region modelers for solid, cross-hatched, negative image, co-planar, and boundary based planes.

    • Automatic via peppering and ground shields.

    • Electrical Analysis/Signal Integrity:

  • Documentation and Output:

    • Automatic Documentation features for assembly and fabrication drawings.

    • Detailed reports for wirebonding details.

    • Automatic soldermask generation for BGA pads and wirebond areas.
      Automatic artwork setup for Gerber and GDSII outputs

Create Ballgrid Patterns Parametrically: