Lead Frame  Design Technology (LFD)

The Lead Frame Technology is a set commands to take all types of lead frame design patterns and make intelligent.

This semi-automatic, yet extremely fast process to turn Lead Frame designs that were manually drawn to the standard CDS data format. LFintel intelligizes the metal and AttIntel intelligizes the die and the bond wires. Configuration files made during one intelligization can be saved and re-used to automatically configure similar jobs.

Watch a Basic Video Demonstration for ADRC on a Lead Frame

See our Lead Frame Library Search software to filter large libraries of EPD-intelligized Lead Frames and provides a search function for best available Lead Frame for a die.

Key Features Include:

  • Clean up old Lead Frame drawings using Lclean and AutoJoin commands.

  • Intelligize the cleaned up polylines using the LFintel command. Design is now ready for die and wire placement in EPD or APD.

  • Wire bonding may be initialized from a fixed netlist made by APD, another system or automatically created based on optimizing the connections to keep them short

  • Bonding diagram automation may be customized to your company specifications, including automatic placement of details and initializing data in your company’s format.

  • The die and wirebonding done inside APD during co-design may be read back into the EPD LeadFrame design software for Advanced DRC and final documentation.

The Lead Frame Intelligizer module captures the lead tips as it converts legacy unintelligent drawings into intelligent designs compatible with Cadence’s APD and SIP.