PCB Design Technology (PCB)

PCB technology tools as far as PCB design software goes, most off-the-shelf EDA software will get the basic job done. But, if you would like to take advantage of truly flexible open-architecture EDA solutions for Design for Manufacture (DFM), then look at what you gain with CAD Design. PCB Designer is CAD Design Software’s foundation engine for all types of PCB, Hybrid and Semiconductor package designs.

The PCB layout environment is a core set of tools to natively supports all major features for PCB circuit design technologies. The environment features an advanced Technology system, which is used to control and manipulate design rules, layering system, routing assignments, environment preferences, etc.

Read About the Core EPD Technology for use with AutoCAD

Read About the Core EPD Technology for use with Windows

Parametric libraries:

  • Through hole components

  • Surface mount components

  • Intelligent printed and etched elements

  • Easy library maintenance

Visual (graphic) libraries:

  • Any uniquely created part

  • Easy library maintenance

Powerful pad stack editor with:

  • Easy global or individual component modifications

  • Custom entities at any angle, location or quantity

  • Sets net names, class names, etc.

  • Control attribute offsets for easy viewing

Rat command allows:

  • Flexible control of layer, color, optimization, class and display of each rat

  • Add or swap rats

  • Automatic net list update

  • Dynamically optimized for part placement

  • Multiple net list support

Routing conducted with:

  • Online-DRC

  • Any angle direction with settable snaps

  • Gridless capability

  • Object snugging

  • Any shape polygon recognition

Planes constructed automatically with:

  • Positive fill planes

  • Negative fill planes

  • Positive boundary planes

  • Mixed plane/signal routing

  • Mixed negative planes

  • Coplanar ground shields

  • Automatic via peppering

  • Metal pattern fills

  • Custom pattern definition

  • Positive boundary fill

  • Coplanar ground shields

  • Automatic via peppering

  • True arcs

  • Variable air gap control

  • Advanced region modelers for the most advanced ground planes, including solid fill, hatched, striped, positive, negative, and boundary planes

Ground tie creator and editor:

  • Place up to 4 ties with any angle, air gap, tie width, and DRC

Multiple layout-view support for:

  • Assembly drawings

  • Fabrication drawings

  • Automatic drill table and drill symbol placement

Verification for:

  • Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) checks

  • Design Rule Check (DRC) for clearances

  • Manufacturing rules checks

Other Benefits and Features:

  • Custom entity system for customer-specific requirements configure Netchk, DRC, Gerber, etc.

  • A dedicated suite of utilities allows construction of custom components with any imaginable geometry on any layer

  • Customized parts list generated from the schematic or layout may be automatically placed in the drawing as a table.

  • PCB panelization enables manufacturing of different PCBs on the same panel

  • IPC-D-356 test data generation allows CAM checking of Gerber files.

  • Full Gerber write and read functions directly in PCB Designer / AutoCAD include quick viewing of Gerber files and the ability to read in Gerber from any source

  • Complete ANSI standard drafting and global editing utilities are built in

  • Using the full power of AutoCAD with unlimited undos, size, grid, snap, geometries, etc.

  • Any number of layers possible and Unlimited pin count

  • All unit systems are supported: inches, mils, millimeters and microns

  • Eight digits of accuracy with floating decimal point (1/100,000,000 of one unit) is standard

  • Parts are placed after an automatic search of all libraries for footprints in the netlist

  • Dynamically moves parts including rats while optimizing the rats dynamically

  • Interactive manual router has an online Design Rule Checker which maintains clearance while routing

  • Automatic silk screen creation includes rear silkscreen for front parts and radial silkscreen on selected parts

  • Automatic creation of drill tables and hole symbols, plus storage of hole symbol selections for future reruns

  • Automatically create / read-in fabrication and assembly notes.