RF / Microwave Technology (RF)

The RF Technology is set of unique software tools for the graphical and electrical requirements of RF / Microwave circuits to dramatically reduce layout time. The RF environment features a comprehensive library of parametrically controlled RF elements and provides the electrical intelligence to all custom element and components.


Key Features Include:

  • Parametric creation of embedded elements - Dividers, couplers, spiral inductors, radial stubs, etc.
  • Support for embedded components and circuits inside blocks (cells).

  • Concurrent Routing/Parasitic Extraction (RLC) while routing will display calculations for: Resistance (R), Inductance (L), Capacitance (C)

  • Any angle, online-DRC, shape-based manual, interactive, and automatic routing.

  • Advanced Route Module is included in the Master RF and Master PCB Suites.

  • RF Vias are parametrically created with additional shielding vias around the signal via.

  • Length tuning and match tuning of nets using parametric tuning functions.

  • Support for true RF miters and fillets with true arcs.

  • Creates coplanar ground shields with coplanar vias automatically.

  • Automatic placement of plane ties on SMT components, on all levels and nets with automatic tie segment / via reduction or deletion based on DRC results.

  • Boundary planes with progressively filleted corners and variable individual gap control on any entity.

  • Split plane edges are automatically generated from simple to draw dividers.

  • Powerful region modelers for solid, cross-hatched, negative image, co-planar, and boundary based planes.

  • Via peppering creates via arrays connecting same plane nets on multiple levels and automatically removes vias that would cause DRC errors.

  • Automatic generation of assembly and fabrication drawings.

 3D Capabilities available on RF Technology *


  • 3D visualization of design created as true 3D model for accurate data output to mechanical and analysis systems.

  • Subtract Vias and Holes from Substrate, Pads and Traces.

  • Create Cylindrical Holes and specify Hole Wall Thickness.

  • Industry standard outputs (ACIS, IGES, STEP)

  • *Read more about 3D Technology