Schematic Capture Technology (SCH)

Auto Schematic Capture is a full featured schematic program capable of quickly laying out schematic diagrams and outputting netlists to most popular formats.

Key Features Include:

  • Multiple sheet capabilities.

  • Flexible format parts list with multiple sorting options.

  • Automatic annotation / reannotation by multiple areas / radiation points.

  • Gate swapping and pin swapping.

  • Edits in Parts List update drawing automatically.

  • Simple-to-use Dialog box controls.

  • Library management system.

  • Viewable parts libraries.

  • Highly automated parts creation.

  • Error checking for non-connects and 4-way connections.

  • Automatic 3-way annotation.

  • Automatic bus creation.

  • No size limit.

  • MIL SPEC documentation.

  • Advanced design rule specification.

  • Hierarchical system supports circuits represented as cells.

Input and Output File Formats:

  • Input: 
    • DXF
    • DWG
    • EPS

  • Netlist Output: 
    • EPD (CAD Design Software)
    • Tango
    • Spice
    • Pads
    • Display

More Features:

  • A library manager controls existing libraries and allows rapid access to parts.

  • Interactive dialog boxes speed the parts creation process.

  • The No Connects and Errors dialog boxes can be viewed to ensure connectivity after you build a netlist.

  • The parts list compiler is configurable to control which information appears in any order.

  • The edited parts list, feeds changes back to the schematic diagram. 

  • Different blocks may be inserted in the same schematic with the same reference designator to portray multiple different elements of the same part such as a complex relay or switch. The different elements may then be placed anywhere in the schematic. Any part or gate may be defined with switch-able alternate images.

  • Generates hierarchical Netlist and Parts Lists in any format.

  • Configures the Bill of Materials format to contain any data in any order and Schematic and PCB are updated when the Bill of Materials is edited.

  • Nets contain design rules for Automatic feed into CDS and the Cadence Allegro Autorouter.

  • Automatically re-annotates reference designators of the Schematic and PCB simultaneously by using any shape polygons and radiation points to steer the annotation sequence. Dialog box creates and edits any IC part.