EPD and GerbARX for AutoCAD v8.3 System Requirements


CAD Design Software's Products run
on Windows® PC Platforms.

A version of the software is also available for Microsoft Windows®

All CAD Design Software ships Unlicensed (See Licensing Support)


About CDS Products for AutoCAD:

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CAD Design Software's Products for AutoCAD runs / executes inside the Autodesk® - AutoCAD® software environment on Windows® PC Platforms Only. The software programs is a collection of ARX executable files and FAS compiled) lisp routines.

ABOUT CAD Design Software's Products within the AutoCAD Platform: The setup installations create a new 'Profile' that contains startup paths to load our ARX files only AFTER AutoCAD starts. These ARX executables establish a real-time intelligent environment for design and embedded information. The intelligent environment will maintain and process the design and layout such as components, NETs, Block Information, Saved Settings. Users may create a new AutoCAD-Profile that does not load the CDS environment if you require only the AutoCAD design environment. This may be for other projects not related to CDS products and would also not load the license if using a Network Version.

It is NOT Recommend to Open then Edit and then Save EPD-made drawings in the non-intelligent EPD or GerbARX environment may Open and View in Plain AutoCAD but drawing may not always look correct. You may download the free EPD Viewer CDS does have a Viewer available to support the viewing and basic inspection.

ABOUT using CAD Design Software's Products in AutoCAD: The software loading routines inserts a new pull-down menu along the top of the AutoCAD Pull-Down menus titled CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE or GerbARX or EPD Viewer, see GUI Help that contains all the commands and functions available in the software product that was purchased. Users may use all AutoCAD Drafting and Environment tools in conjunction with the programs.

CDS offers Single Unit computer licenses and floating Network License.

CDS v8.3 for use with AutoCAD Requirements:

  • Dialog boxes require a High Resolution (1280x1024) Desktop resolution / monitor.

  • Available for 64 bit computers, 32 bit version is NOT Supported

  • Supported for Microsoft® Windows® 10 (Desktop OS, best results with Windows 10 Pro) and Microsoft® Windows® 8 (Standard, Enterprise, or Professional edition)
    Linux OS is NOT Supported

  • Requires 1 GB free disk space for installation

  • User should have Administrative Rights to create all required systems updates during installation or equivalent user-rights as established by a Corporate Administrator.

  • Apple® versions of AutoCAD are NOT Supported.

  • The BricSys® - BricsCAD® Platform is NOT Supported.

  • AutoCAD LT (lite version) is NOT compatible with ANY product from CDS because the Lite version does not execute ARX files.

  • 64 bit Supported Versions:

    • AutoCAD 2018 (v22.0)

    • AutoCAD 2019 (v23.0)

    • AutoCAD 2020 (v23.1)

    • AutoCAD 2021 (v24.0)

    • AutoCAD 2022 (v24.1)

    • AutoCAD 2023 (v24.2)

    • AutoCAD 2024 (v24.3)

  • Autodesk Verticals such as Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, ADT are compatible with EPD and must include a “Full Version” of AutoCAD, not AutoCAD LT.

  • See Autodesk System Requirements - Pick for External Link

  • Autodesk Hardware webpage - Pick for external link for help with recommending Graphics cards and hardware.